How To Remove & Get Rid Of Skin Tags Without Surgery (Natural, Simple & Easy Ways)

No one really likes having skin tags. In some cases, they are small and barely noticeable, but in other instances these tags are quite visible and uncomfortable.

However, the good news is that you do not need expensive surgery in order to get rid of skin tags. There are many natural remedies that are effective in eliminating these tags for good.

in this article, we’re going to cover ways on how you can remove skin tags using natural methods.


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What are Skin Tags?

Skin tags are small growths of tissues that grow out from the skin. They affect both men and women and are commonly found under the arms or breasts and on a person’s neck, eyelids and groin area.

Doctors do not know for sure what causes skin tags to grow, but note that people who are overweight or pregnant are prone to skin tags. Skin tag growth can also be hereditary; if your parents had problems with this condition then chances are that you will as well.

How to Get Rid of Skin Tags Naturally

dental floss for skin tag removalThere are various methods for getting rid of tags naturally. The fastest method is simply to cut them off using a pair of sterilized scissors or nail clippers. However, cutting a skin tag off in this way can be a bit painful.

An alternative to cutting the tag would be to tie a string or dental floss around it to cut off the blood flow. This will cause the tag to turn black and fall off on its own.


nail polish for removing skin tagsYou can also get rid of a skin tag by putting apple cider vinegar or clear nail polish on the tag.

After applying either of these substances with a cotton swab, you should place a Band-Aid over the swab and leave it on overnight.

blood root for removing skin tagsCertain herbs can also help to eliminate tags. Bloodroot is a red colored herb that is commonly used to get rid of tags. This herb has to be placed on the skin tag and then covered with a Band-Aid.

It will take about two days for the tag to fall off naturally, although large tags can be quite stubborn and may take longer than a couple of days to disappear.

tea tree oil for removing skin tagsTea tree oil and castor oil are also effective in getting rid of tags. Using tea tree oil is simple; all you have to do is apply the oil to the tag several times a day.

Castor oil has to be mixed with baking soda to form a paste. You then need to apply the paste to the tag and leave it on until the tag falls off.

dermisil for skin tag removalOther at home cures include using wart remover and Dermisil. Wart remover can easily be bought at a local pharmacy. Dermisil, which is an herbal extract, can be bought online at or from a health store.

Either substance should be applied to the skin tag on a regular basis until it falls off.

How to Avoid Getting Skin Tags

In some cases, you simply cannot avoid getting skin tags, especially if the condition runs in your family. However, there are often things that you can do to prevent these tags from growing.

  • As was noted above, being overweight increases the chances of getting tags, so keeping fit will help you to avoid having to deal with these irritating skin growths.
  • Skin tags are not a sign of poor hygiene habits, but many experts note that keeping the skin clean can help prevent these tags from growing.
  • Use a good skin moisturizer if you have dry skin, as doing so will not only prevent skin tag growth but also other skin problems.
  • Eating lots of garlic is also a good idea, as garlic will cleanse the body and prevent unwanted skin problems.
  • Skin tags also occur when the skin gets irritated. This is why these tags are often found under the arms, on your groin and under a woman’s breasts.
  • A woman who is prone to skin tag problems should avoid wearing tight clothing and underwire bras.
  • A man may want to consider wearing boxers instead of tight fitting underwear.

Bonus Tips & Warnings

  • Skin tags can almost always be removed naturally. However, you should never try to remove a skin tag on your eyelid. Instead, visit a doctor and have such a tag removed professionally.
  • You will also want to visit a doctor if your tag is growing or changing color on its own. A skin tag will change color if you tie it up or put vinegar, herbal oil or a herb on it; this is natural and nothing to worry about. However, a tag should never change color on their own.
  • If you are using a herbal remedy for your tags, you will want to allow a few days for the remedy to take effect. How long the remedy takes depends on how large the tag is and which exact remedy is being used. However, if any one remedy does not seem to be effective, then do not hesitate to try another one.
  • It is interesting to note that some herbal remedies are effective for some people but not for others. There is no medical explanation for this, but the fact is that each person’s skin is different and hormones can also have a bearing on whether a natural cure is effective or not. You may need to try two or three remedies before you find the one that works best for you personally and this is fine.
  • Skin tags are unsightly and uncomfortable, but they are also common. In fact, it has been estimated that over 45% of people living in the United States have had one or more tags at some point. You can have these tags removed via surgery, but doing so is quite expensive and usually not covered by health insurance.

Instead of running to the doctor to have a tag removed, you should try one or more at home remedies first. Natural cures are safe, easy to use and very effective in eliminating skin tags. Better yet, follow the tips mentioned above to reduce the chances of having to deal with tags in the first place.

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