Our Dog Got Lost (or Stolen)

Update: We found her 5 hours after I posted this! we’re super happy =) thank you very much for all the help!

chuchay Palima Lost Dog

Our Dog Chuchay

Is it meant to be?

Today I have lost my best friend. – our dog chuchay. and I wonder if it is meant to be…

it sucks to lose something. especially if that “something” has incredible value to you. ‘Value’ not as in Money-value but the value that I am referring to is the kind of “Love value”.

We’ve had her for 6 years and she’s even older than my 2 kids.

Our kids, (as weird and as funny as it sounds) considers Chuchay as their big sister.

from 6 years of keeping her, I have never experienced to lose her for more than 1 hour.

I can’t sleep just thinking about her…

what if she’s hungry? what if she go lost, hit by a car or worst case – got kidnapped by f**ng butcher maniacs that just plain want to kill (and have fun with) killing dogs?

…I am very worried and I miss her so much.

Almost every item/part of the house reminds me of her.

The refrigerator that she always try to open, under our bed where she always sleeps, the kitchen where she eats, our floor where she poops and pee that I have to go clean up all the time

…My office (currently where I am right now as I am typing this.)

this is where she would always watch me and hang around with me – My Home Office.

Whenever I do work or just simply use the computer,  It would be a 100% guarantee that she would always be beside me and lay under my office chair.


I usually work from around 12am-8am (I know very late at night. but I prefer working during these quiet hours.)

Around 2pm, she’d usually ask for a snack and would keep on barking till I give her one. lol. I miss her so much…

How She Got Lost

Yesterday, after I have signed off from work at around 7am, she was still there with me. Originally, I was suppose to take her to the vet during those time (because she has a wound on her back due to matts build up on her hair that I removed – and I really feel that it should be taken to a Vet.)

but because I have no sleep, I decided to take her there on the afternoon.

…Then I slept.

When I woke up around 3:30, I immediately grabbed something to eat and got ready to take chuchay to the vet.

At the time that we were about to go to the vet (around 4:30pm) that’s when I noticed she’s gone.

I don’t know exactly how she got out, but I am a 100% certain that someone from the house (my mom who was visiting at the time) left the gate open.

…at this time, I got extremely worried. She’s lost or probably stolen with an Untreated wound on her back.

I just hope/pray to whoever took/found her would return her to us. We love and miss her so much.

Details About Our Dog

  • She’s a White Shi Tzu with a touch of brown coat on the left side of her body
  • She has a mole/tumor/bump on her upper right foot
  • Currently, her lower body (just before the tail) is bald and has a wound.
  • See her photo below
chuchay Palima lost Dog

Chuchay The Best Dog In The World

My Next Action Steps

Tomorrow morning, I will get ask for help from our local barangay and probably the police as well. Some friends also offered help in putting up flyers. (thanks guys)

I really hope we find her soon.

If you’re reading this right now and can help, I just want to let you know that we need all the help that we can get right now on finding our pet. If you’re from the Lucena city area or simply have an information on how you can hep us, simply send us a message on our facebook page.

…or you can simply share this flyer on facebook. We would appreciate all shares that we can get. The more shares it get simply means the more people who’ll be able to see it and help us.

You can also download this flyer we made (especially if you’re from lucena city area) print out copies and help us post up flyers around lucena (especially on calmar homes area)

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