How To Lighten Skin With Papaya (The Power Of Papaya)

How Papaya Whitens (lighten skin using papaya)

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Papaya has lots of awesome health and beauty benefits.  We had been covering a lot of skin whitening advice on this blog but we haven’t talked about papaya as a skin whitener.

Papaya, especially papaya soaps is a well known skin whitening agent here in the Philippines.

  • it is a common tropical fruit that is known for it’s amazing health benefits
  • It grows almost everywhere around the globe
  • Eating this fruit regularly will help you improve the metabolic activities inside the body
  • The fruit contains a lot of enzymes that wield positive effects on human body and metabolism
  • If you want a whiter and smoother skin, using papaya is one of the best methods to do it.

In this article, we are going to talk about papaya. Some of its health benefits and how it can help you lighten your skin.

Components and health benefits of Papaya: an overview

  • Papaya is rich in vitamins, minerals and other healthy ingredients.
  • It contains Beta Carotene, essential minerals, Potassium, Vitamin C & A (due to abundant vitamin A, Papaya works as a powerful anti-oxidant)
  • different digestive enzymes like Papain
  • an enzyme Arginine known for it’s therapeutic effect on male infertility
  • Carpain, an enzyme known for it’s cardiac benefits etc.
  • Green Papaya is often referred to an acclaimed skincare products due to the high level of Papain present in it.
  • Doctors and alternative therapists often suggest eating Papaya with salad to improve constipation and poor digestion problems.
  • The enzymes also have anti-aging, anti-cancerous and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Papaya in different forms (ripen and green) comes with hundreds other health benefits. Especially when you’re applying papaya on your hair and skin, you’ll discover quick, significant improvements.

Secrets Revealed: Here’s How Papaya Lightens The Skin

Lighten Skin With Papaya

Lighten Skin With Papaya

You have already discovered about the active ingredients present in a Papaya fruit. These ingredients have individual effects on skin cells and adjacent meshwork of different tissues.

Let’s discover how these components come up with special, unique effects on the skin and make it appear lighter and more attractive.

How Papaya Whitens The Skin #1: Vitamin A & C Found On Papaya

Vitamin A & C On Papaya for skin whitening

Vitamin A & C On Papaya

Both vitamin A and C work as anti-oxidants; these two vitamins are present in abundance in Papaya. They neutralize the harmful oxides and prevent natural aging process potentially.

The oxides are naturally produced in different parts of our body and they are transported to the peripheral blood vessels. The adjacent blood vessels beneath the skin containing such oxides can affect the sensitive skin and cause damage.

How Papaya Whitens The Skin #2: Papaya contains Papain

Papain Found On Papaya

Papain Found On Papaya

Papain is an enzyme that takes care of the dead cells. Skin is always undergoing cell divisions, the dead cells accumulated in different layers of skin make it dull and rough.

The enzyme Papain is a powerful protein metabolizing agent. It handles the protein molecules or dead cells and remove them from different layers of skin. As the dead cells are moved off, the skin appears to be fresher and lighter.

How Papaya Whitens The Skin #3: Papaya Rejuvenates & Protects The Skin

Papaya Rejuvenates & Protects The Skin

Papaya Rejuvenates & Protects The Skin

Papaya extracts contain other components that prevent sun damages and protect skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays. They reduce dark, brown spots caused by sunlight exposure.

Even the patients with severe burn and scald wounds can use the Papaya extract to reduce the extent and severity of damage. Doctors often recommend these natural extracts for supporting different medical conditions with medications and conventional therapies.

How Papaya Whitens The Skin #4: Papaya Exfoliates

Papaya Exfoliates

Papaya Exfoliates

Exfoliation is one of the salient characteristics of the cells present in skin. These cells undergo natural process of division and cellular death over time. They follow a natural cycle.

Exfoliation and follow up can together improve the situation over time. Papaya extracts contain the enzymes that mimic the action of Alpha Hydroxi Acids (AHAs), a chemical present in the commercial skin lighteners. That’s how Papaya extracts facilitate exfoliation and make the skin look better.


How Papaya Whitens The Skin #5: Reduces Melanin Production

Papaya reduces melanin production

Papaya reduces melanin production

Darkening of skin or the skin complexion solely depends on a chemical present in skin. The chemical is known as Melanin. Papaya extracts cannot stop the production of melanin in skin cells.

But it can effectively reduce the production of melanin. Thus, it prevents the complexion from going darker and at the same time, other effects make skin look fresher, smoother and lighter.

How To Lighten Skin With Papaya

Papaya paste or mixture can be applied topically on the facial skin in order to make it fairer and smoother

Papaya paste can be produced from ripen fruits and can be applied without mixing anything to it. However, adding some ingredients with the paste will help you get better results. Let’s explore some effective facemasks you can prepare at home using papaya paste and other similar ingredients.

#1 Blend or Mash Papaya And Apply it On Your Skin Daily

Mashed papaya for skin Lightening

Mashed papaya for skin Lightening

You can take ripen papaya fruits and blend/mash them into uniform, thick paste. Once done, you can apply the paste on your face. You have to put on the facemask for about 15 to 20 minutes.

After that, you have to clean your face with lukewarm water. You can also add honey to the paste and make it look and feel moist and sticky.

#2 You can also add yogurt and lemon extract to the papaya paste

mashed papaya mixed with yogurt

mashed papaya mixed with yogurt

The mixture will help you get tanning and it will help you brighten your skin. But you have to prepare the mixture carefully, or it might be harmful for your superficial, sensitive skin layer.

You should also keep the paste for about 15 minutes on the face and then wash with warm water.

#3 Papaya Salt Scrub

Papaya Salt Scrub

Papaya Salt Scrub

If you want to use papaya as an exfoliating agent, you should think about adding oats and coarse sea salts to the mixture.

The paste prepared now is highly effective for removing dead cells and debris from skin and you will get younger, fresher looking skin over time.

#4 Apply Mashed Papaya Regularly For A Lighter Skin

Whiten Skin With Papaya

Whiten Skin With Papaya

Applying mashed ripen papaya everyday will help you reduce the dark sun-spots. You have to keep the face clean and pay special attention when you’re going out in the sun. using honey and rice flour in the paste will help you prevent aging and sagging of skin. This is why Papaya is often termed as all-in-one skin care natural product.

Women especially asian women are more concerned about skin complexion But people from nowhere would love spots on their skin or, rough, dull skin.

If you want to resolve all these minor skin issues in a very effective and soothing way, using Papaya is certainly the best option for you.

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