Get Rid Of Pimples: How To Eliminate Pimples Naturally

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How do I get rid of pimples?

This is a question that millions of people from all over the world probably ask themselves every single day. Let’s face it. no one really likes to be seen walking around with a face full of pimples. They make you look ugly and lowers your self confidence.

The reality is that most of us will at one time or another be faced with a pimple problem and in some cases it can be really nasty.

The worst thing about pimples is that they have this tendency to simply appear out of nowhere and worse – at the most crucial times.

A good example is when you have an important meeting where you will be required to make a presentation. You wake up early in the morning rush to the sink to wash your face. When you lift your head and take a look in the mirror and there they are – like a swarm minions sent from hell to ruin your day.

In such situations, most people would panic and wonder what can they do in order to restore their face to an acceptable state.

Without a doubt everyone has their own mini horror story of how pimples ruined their plans. Don’t worry though. There is some good news and that’s pimples are not tumors. This simply means that you can eliminate them and you can do it naturally.

Now, an issue might arise regarding the speed with which you want to eliminate pimples from your face. In the above mentioned scenario you would probably want to get rid of the pimples there and then so that you can look presentable during your presentation. Well, this is not possible unless of course you decide to pop all the pimples on your face. (which is not a good idea by the way)

Anyway, below are few ways on how to naturally eliminate pimples reasonably fast.

6 Simple Methods To Eliminate & Get Rid Of Pimples Fast

#1 Use lemon juice

lemon juice to get rid of pimples

use lemon juice to get rid of pimples

This is a great solution especially if you notice the pimples right before you go to bed. So, basically what you will need to do is slice up one or two lemons and squeeze the juice in a bowl; the idea here is to have a meaningful amount.

Dip your fingers in the juice and apply it on all the affected areas. You can now go to bed and let the lemon do its thing.

after waking up the following morning, wash your face with warm water. You will realize that the pimples have greatly diminished and with a few more treatments, they will simply vanish.

#2 Aloe Vera

aloe vera gel for pimples

aloe Vera gel for pimples

You have probably heard of Aloe Vera and its numerous health benefits. (just like lemon, it also lightens skin!) Aloe Vera also works on pimples quite effectively and what we are interested in is its juice.

Just like lemon juice, simply apply it on the affected areas on your face at least two times a day and soon enough your face will be worth looking at in the mirror once again.

If you are wondering where you can find Aloe Juice just search around on the internet; there are many wellness companies selling it.

#3 Strawberry wonder

use Strawberry leaf to eliminate pimples

use Strawberry leaf to eliminate pimples

Actually our interest here is not the berry itself but rather the leaves of the plant. If the pimples on your face are really swollen just take a few of these leaves and place them directly on the pimples.

After some time the swollen pimples will reduce since the leaves are alkaline in nature.


#4 Do not touch your face

do not touch your face to get rid of pimples

do not touch your face in order to get rid of pimples

Everyone touches their face numerous times throughout the day whether knowingly or unknowingly. If you have pimples this is one habit you will want to kick as soon as possible. Our hands are full of germs and other substances that can seriously aggravate pimples.

If you want those ugly pimples to evacuate your face in the earliest time possible, do not provide them with fuel which is readily available in your hands. If you really have to touch your face ensure your hands are super clean all the time.

#5 Use ice

use ice cube to get rid of pimples

use ice cube to get rid of pimples

This is probably one of the simplest ways to get rid of pimples. Take an ice cube and wrap it in anything that will prevent it from coming into direct contact with your skin.

after that, place the wrapped ice cube on the pimples for about thirty seconds. after doing so, give it a 45 second rest.

You should do this a number of times throughout the day; this will reduce the size of swollen pimples.

#6 White vinegar

white vinegar to eliminate pimples

white vinegar to eliminate pimples

This will work wonderfully if your pimples are caused by bacteria since white vinegar has antiseptic properties.

Before you use the vinegar add some water to dilute it as it is usually quite concentrated. All you need to do in this case is apply it on the affected areas and leave it there for about ten minutes after which you should wash it off with cold water.

Stay Pimple-free & Prevent Pimples From Coming Back

So now you know how to eliminate pimples; however this is not enough. you also need to understand what needs to be done to prevent them from coming back. Again this is not rocket science, just a few simple adjustments to your lifestyle and you may never see another pimple on your face again.

#1 Drink up

drink water to prevent pimples

Woman Drinking Water

You are obviously aware that your body needs a lot of water every day in order to rid itself of toxins. Toxins in your body are responsible for the eruption of acne and a host of other undesirable occurrences.

Drinking water flushes your system of these toxins leaving you feeling and looking great. If possible, add a few herbs for example fenugreek seeds which make the cleansing process even more effective.

#2 Wash up

Wash your Face in order to avoid pimples

Wash your Face at least twice daily in order to avoid pimples

Your face is probably the most exposed part of your body. This means that dust, exhaust fumes and other unpleasant compounds will find their way here first before anywhere else.

When you combine these pollutants and the sweat that comes from the pores on your face then you have a pimple factory. It is therefore important that you clean your face at least two times a day in order to get rid of these ‘pimple ingredients’.

#3 Get moving

prevent pimples with exercise

prevent pimples with exercise

Exercise is not just good for your cardiovascular system; it also does wonders for your skin. The logic is quite simple really; when you exercise your body expels toxins which as mentioned greatly contribute to pimple eruption.

Stress causes an increase in oil production; excessive oil under the skin is responsible for acne. Exercise happens to be a great stress reliever and therefore embrace it. The good news is that you do not need to overdo it – thirty minutes of exercise four days a week is enough.

Extra Tips & Warnings

  • This has already been mentioned before but it is important to repeat it. When you have pimples it is very important that you refrain from popping them. It really does not matter how much you want to look good, pimple-popping is a no go zone. The dangers of doing so include risk of infection and scarring which usually takes ages to completely heal.
  • Another important thing to note is in regard to make up. If you have to wear makeup ensure that it is not going to clog up our pores as this will lead to more eruptions. One term to look out for on labels when purchasing makeup products is noncomedogenic; such products do not cause pore obstruction. When it comes to facial creams, go for natural alternatives.
  • Eating a healthy diet will also greatly discourage the eruption of pimples. Consume lots of vegetables and fruits and avoid fatty and over spicy foods.

Well, if you wanted to know how to get rid of pimples and prevent them from coming back now you know. Living an acne free life is really not that hard; all you need to do is make a few healthy changes in your life and you can be sure of smiling every time you stare in the mirror.

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