How To Get Rid Of Acne: 12 Simple & Natural Home Remedies For Acne

in this post, we talked about natural home remedies that you can use to get rid of acne. if you’re a student or someone who is simply looking for natural home remedies for acne, this is the article you are looking for.


To get rid of acne, you must understand how you get it in the first place. The best way to understand it is by watching the video below:

How You Get Acne (pimples, whiteheads or blackheads)

An overactive sebaceous gland is responsible for the formation of acne.

Sebaceous glands secrete ‘sebum’ or oil in order to preserve the skin’s moisture. But, excessive secretion from these glands can block the skin pores, which can in turn harbor dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria that are usually found on the skin surface.

This blockage of the pores can create a very favorable thriving condition for bacterial growth, which results in the appearance of pimples and acne.

Additional factors such as, a poor diet, which is abundant in harmful fats and deficient in vital nutrients and essential fatty-acids followed by fluctuations of the hormones, together with high stress level and allergens can prompt acne outbreaks.

Nevertheless, this issue can be addressed with the use of few effective and simple acne home remedies.

12 Simple & Natural Home Remedies For Acne

Home Remedy For Acne #1 Opening your skin pores

how to open skin pores

Open Your Skin Pores

as mentioned above, Most people develop acne because of blocked oil on your skin pores that results in dirt. this can be prevented by opening your pores.

to open your pores, here’s 1 natural home remedy that you can do:

  • Place a pot of hot water in front of you.
  • Cover your head with a towel and lean towards the pot of hot water
  • Make a paste using baking soda and water then apply it to your face
  • Let it stay for up to three minutes (but this depends on how your face feels. if you can’t take 3 minutes, proceed to the next step)
  • after that, remove the face mask created by the baking soda by washing your face with cool water
  • Use a clean towel to dry your face
  • Apply a small portion of organic Aloe Vera gel and also add around two drops tea tree oil
  • Gently rub the mixture along your face until it is absorbed completely.

This procedure should be repeated twice a day preferably in the morning and evening, before going to bed.

Home Remedy For Acne #2 Rosewater And Sandalwood Paste

rosewater sandalwood paste for acne treatment

Rosewater + Sandalwood Powder = Beauty Paste

Rosewater and sandalwood paste can do wonders to your skin since its among the best acne home remedies. All you have to do is combine 1 tablespoon of sandalwood powder and rosewater.

video on how to make rosewater at home.  (opens in a lightbox)

Rosewater & sandalwood powder combined will make a paste. You can make a face pack with this paste. apply it, leave it on for 15-20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water every other day or 3 times a week

This will help in getting rid of acne and also assist in fading acne scars. Additionally, it improves the quality and texture of your skin and reduces the facial hair over a period of time.

Home Remedy For Acne #3 Ice:

ice as a natural home remedy for acne

ice as a natural home remedy for acne

Rubbing ice cubes over the affected area for around 10-15 minutes can alleviate the condition.

Ice can also help to constrict the skin pores and lighten acne scars.

Home Remedy For Acne #4 Aloe-Vera:

aloe vera juice for acne

aloe Vera juice for acne

In order to boost healing and enhance the complexion of the skin, one of the prominent acne home remedies entails usage of the juice of aloe Vera.

Applying the juice of aloe Vera to the infected skin is an effectual way to cure acne and pimples. Aloe Vera juice also heals acne scars rapidly. Moreover, aloe vera based moisturizer and ointment can thoroughly clean the skin and also rid of acne and pimples.

here’s how to treat acne with aloe vera:

  • first of all, wash your face with mild soap. (of course, dry it with a clean towel afterwards)
  • Get Aloe Vera Leaf
  • cut the side of the leaf to break it open
  • rub the part with a juice directly on your face. (you can also use your fingers to get the juice if you want to)
  • Allow the juice to dry on your skin
  • Wash it with Mild soap and warm water

We recommend you do this only once a week.

Home Remedy For Acne #5 Tea Tree-Oil:

tea tree oil as a natural acne remedy

tea tree oil as a natural acne remedy

Tea tree oil is an essential oil that is regarded as a successful remedy for acne treatment. However, applying this oil in its organic form can be pretty rough on the skin. Hence, before its topical application, it is crucial to dilute the oil extracted from tea tree with water.

The components in tea tree oil play a major role to annihilate bacteria that causes acne. You can apply the oil on the acne using a clean cotton ball at night and allow it to remain overnight and wash your face in the morning to remove the oil.


Home Remedy For Acne #6 Apple Cider Vinegar:

apple cider vinegar for acne

apple cider vinegar for acne

Apple cider vinegar restrains high amount of crucial minerals that offers relief from acne outbreaks. Apple cider vinegar can be a dominant cleansing agent that helps to kill the bacteria and detoxify the skin.

Furthermore, its application is exceptionally beneficial for people who have cystic acne as it attempts to reinstate the smooth appearance of the skin by regulating the skin’s pH level.

here are steps on how to use apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a home remedy for acne (do this after washing your face at night and before going to bed):

  • combine 1/3 cup of ACV & 1/3 cup of water together.
  • get a cotton ball  and soak it to the mixture
  • apply the cotton ball with ACV directly on the affected areas
  •  wash it off in the morning

Warning: Vinegars don’t smell very pleasant.

Home Remedy For Acne #7 Honey:

treat acne with honey

Honey as a natural acne remedy

Honey can easily eliminate acne as well as its resulting scars. Applying honey on the face for approximately 30 minutes will aid to moisturize the face, enhance the skin texture and fade the scars.

Also, apart from the topical use you can also consume honey as it assists in reducing scars.

Here are the steps on how to use honey to treat acne:

  • Get organic honey. (the pure the honey, the more effective this will be. that’s why, we recommend get the super organic ones.)
  • use the honey like a face mask. (cover your face with it)
  • Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes
  • Wash it off with warm water
  • dry your face with a clean towel

Use this method at least once a week.

Home Remedy For Acne #8 Fenugreek Leaves:

Fenugreek leaves for acne

Fenugreek leaves for acne

Fenugreek is among the best natural acne home remedies since it contains antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

  • Grind fenugreek leaves and form a paste by adding few drops of water to it
  • Apply this paste and leave it overnight
  • Rinse it off with lukewarm water the next morning

Home Remedy For Acne #9 Orange Peel:

orange peel for acne

orange peel for acne

Orange peel is among the most effective and easiest acne home remedies.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • You need to simply peel an orange and keep it under the direct rays of the sun to dry.
  • Once it is completely dry, grind it in a grinder
  • Next, add water to the powder to make a paste
  • Apply this paste on the acne infected regions and let it dry.
  • After it dries, wash it off with cold water.

Home Remedy For Acne #10 Neem Soap:

neem soap for acne

neem soap for acne

Neem (Azadirachta indica) is known for its antifungal and antibacterial compounds, which works as an excellent treatment for a huge variety of skin issues. The best part about this is, you can actually make a soap out of it.

There are ready-made neem soaps available on the market (you can also look online)

but if you’re looking to make one yourself, here’s a comprehensive guide we found on how to make one at home

Home Remedy For Acne #11 Eating & applying Yogurt on the skin:

yogurt for acne treatment

yogurt for acne treatment

Eating Yogurt is a good remedy to treat and get rid of acne. (it also helps to fade the scars when applied on the infected skin)

The probiotic nutrient found on Yoghurt allows the digestive system to function properly & keeps your skin soft & smooth.

Probiotics leads to good digestion while good digestion leads to better nutrients absorbed by our body.

Yogurt can also be applied and left on for 20 minutes and then washed off with lukewarm water. You can also mix yogurt with lime juice better results.


Home Remedy For Acne #12 Increase Water Intake:

drink water to treat acne

drink water to treat acne

Consuming adequate amount of water must be given priority as it aids to purge toxic matters from the body and assists in reducing acne. To clear acne and to obtain a healthy skin you should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

Additionally, by keeping your skin clean and avoiding excessive usage of chemical based beauty products you can prevent acne outbreaks.

Extra Tips & Warnings

  • Never even try to pop the pimples in your face. you’ll make the problem worse as popping pimples can result in permanent acne scars.
  • If you have to wear makeup ensure that it is not going to clog up our pores as this will lead to more eruptions. One term to look out for on labels when purchasing makeup products is noncomedogenic; such products do not cause pore obstruction. When it comes to facial creams, go for natural alternatives.
  • be patient. treating acne can not be done overnight

by using these home remedies along with regular exercise, balanced diet and hygienic habits can efficiently assist to rid acne and keep your skin glowing, healthy and spot free. All you are required to do is use the combination of one or more of the above acne remedies regularly to obtain desirable results.

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