7 Major Causes Of Underarm Darkening

Underarm Darkening

Underarm Darkening

Dark Underarms can be extremely embarrassing, uncomfortable and if you have dark underarms, it may also limit you from your wardrobe choices as well.

Our armpits need proper attention and care so that unwanted discolorations can be avoided. Fortunately, there are certain methods and treatment options that can help you restore the appearance of a darkened armpit. If you want to brighten the area or perhaps maintain the color of your underarms, you need to identify the causes of discoloration and take action accordingly.

That’s why we decided to publish this post – To help you learn about the main factors of underarm darkening.

The 7 Major Causes Of Underarm Darkening

#1 plucking and shaving

You might have already tried plucking or shaving your armpits to whiten the skin. Unfortunately, all these eventually lead to darker armpits. The hair follicles protect the underarm skin and damaging those follicles often results into infections and discolorations. These follicles contain numerous sweat glands, sebaceous glands.

If you remove hair by plucking, waxing or shaving around the armpit, these follicles will be more prone to pigmentation. They are often filled with different secretions from the glands around. Sometimes, they also get filled up by dusts and other particles. The results are almost same in all cases – more darkened underarms.

#2 Deodorants and other harsh chemicals

Skin around the armpits is more vulnerable to chemicals. Most people use deodorants to prevent the bad smells due to profuse sweating. As the area remains undercover, it’s more likely to develop offensive smells. However, these deodorants might not suit you and cause external skin damage leading to infection.

If any of the deodorants are causing damage to your underarm skin, you should avoid using those. At the same time, you should avoid using other harmful chemicals for your skin. This practice will keep your skin healthy and retain the shine and brightness of your underarms.

#3 Nutritional causes

If your skin is undernourished, it will eventually become rough and become darker. Several vitamins, electrolytes and other nutritional components maintain smoothness and natural glow of skin.

Undernourishment is the main reason why your skin might become rough. Roughness is one of the major reason of underarm darkening. If your skin has become rough without any specific reason, probably your skin needs attention and you should focus on having the right food and nutritional components.

#4 Diseases


Certain diseases are responsible for unwanted skin pigmentation. These diseases also affect other areas of the body, however armpits are more affected from them due to susceptibility. Skin asthma, allergies, contagious skin diseases are more prone to roughness and hence turn the underarms darker.

You should be careful about these diseases and seek immediate medical attention. At the same time, you should take precautions and prevent these diseases at first place. You should always focus on the fact – prevention is better than cure.

#5 Genetic causes

Scientists and dermatologists have showed how some specific genes can severely affect the skin color and it’s smoothness. Unfortunately, in these cases, it’s not possible to get the natural shine like others. However, the extent and intensity of the darkness can be managed effectively using different therapies and treatment approaches.

LASER treatment is one of the most powerful skin whitening method. You might have already used this technique to remove the hair follicles from your armpits without damaging the structures. If you’re having trouble due to some genetic causes, you should focus on supplementing the skin and try to maintain proper hygiene.

#6 Being overweight

This is a widely ignored cause of underarm darkening. Most people don’t even know that the extra pad of fat stored in different parts of their body are darkening the skin eventually.

Being overweight often leads to pigmentation in different parts of the body. Armpits, nape and back of the knees are the most affected areas among overweight people suffering from dermal (skin) pigmentation. You should control weight, manage and deplete obesity to maintain skin health.

#7 Pregnancy

This is probably one of the most obvious reason. During pregnancy, the production of melanin on our body significantly increases which causes areas on our body to darken; most commonly – our underarms.

If you’re pregnant right now and is being conscious on how to regain the natural color of your underarms, you don’t need to worry. it usually comes back to normal a few weeks after pregnancy.

Extra Tips On Fighting Underarm Darkening

  • You can apply extracts of some common vegetables and fruits. Potato, lemon and cucumber extracts are highly effective against progressive darkening of the armpits. These extracts also contain nutritional elements that have positive effects on epithelial cells of skin.
  • You should avoid deodorants containing harsh and harmful chemicals. And at the same time, you should focus on mild chemicals like Saffron, Sandalwood and Rosewater. These also act as skin whiteners. But be careful about the allergic manifestations. If any of these products are damaging skin, stop using that immediately.
  • Nowadays, electrolysis is considered as the most preferred methods of removing hairs from the armpits. This is a permanent solution to your excessive-hair-growth problem. You should avoid shaving and using hair-removing creams. These products often contain strong, harmful chemicals that can damage skin and make it rough and dark.

Underarm darkening is a common problem; young females tend to suffer more from this problem. Several cosmetic manufacturing companies have been formulating special products that can whiten the dark pits and restore the natural shine. But, you should be very careful about those.

In many cases, you’ll observe great improvements in a short time, but if you stop using them, the skin turns even darker. That’s why the experts recommend using natural resources and adopt changes in the lifestyle instead of those chemical whiteners.

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